Resolve Gibraltar Dive Services and Propeller Polishing

The underwater maintenance services provided by RESOLVE enhances your vessel performance through routine cleaning and maintenance by removing marine fouling while the vessel is waterborne, thus restoring main engine performance maximizing the economy of your vessel’s operation. Instead of arranging last minute maintenance with unfamiliar companies, RESOLVE provides reliable services with outstanding results.

Underwater cleaning produces savings in fuel consumption and the optimization of your vessel performance by maintaining smooth underwater hull and propeller surfaces. Delays in cleaning can lead to a significant amount of hard fouling. This may not only have an effect on consumption, speed and power of your vessel, but will result in damage to the paint system. RESOLVE provides hull cleaning services for vessels with special paint and coating systems including silicone coatings.

The hull cleaning services provided by RESOLVE remove marine fouling from the entire underwater hull surface, including flat bottom and vertical sides with the use of a hydraulic multibrush kart. To reach difficult access areas like bilge keels or curved transition between flat bottom and vertical sides, RESOLVE uses a special sized hydraulic brushkart that provides a very efficient cleaning of said surfaces.