RESOLVE Successful in Emergency Refloat

by resolveadm on November 26, 2008

+1 954 764 8700 / + 1 954 257 2868


The barge hard aground The barge hard aground on the levee

The barge is hard aground on the levee

Resolve Marine Group, Inc. was recently hired to refloat a large launch barge in Louisiana.

Pulling her off the leveeThe Pioneer pulling the barge off of the levee for refloat

(Left & Right) The RESOLVE PIONEER pulling the barge off of the levee

The 245 foot barge was hard aground on a levee in the Michoud Canal, which is in the surrounding New Orleans area. There was a major concern that the barge might be pushed through the levee due to the possible threat of Hurricane Ike.

This time sensitive mission was led by project managers Todd Schauer and Troy Caras, salvage/dive technicians Wes Woessner, Bill Rittenhouse, and Rudy DeJesus, and Capt. Bill Stetcher, Robert Stamps, Marty Dempsey, Matt Logan, Andy Moon, Al Breed, and Ed Champagne of the RESOLVE PIONEER and tug LEWIS M.

Initially Resolve was going to secure the barge with multiple anchors. Instead the team ballasted her down on one side and refloated her. The RESOLVE PIONEER was used to tow the barge off of the levee and down the canal while the tug LEWIS M assisted at the stern.

The Pioneer towing the barge in the canalThe Pioneer towing the barge in the canal

(Left & Right) The Resolve Pioneer tows the barge away from the levee in the canal as the tug Lewis M assists at the stern

Once again, Resolve has proven that it has the equipment and staff to be readily available for any emergency response 24/7.

Click the link to view the vessel specs: RESOLVE PIONEER
View the Map

View Larger Map


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