RESOLVE Salvage & Fire (ASIA), PTE LTD. Begins Removal of Wrecks at Kankesanthurai Harbour, SRI LANKA

by resolveadm on October 11, 2011

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kks_ceremony_jf_at_podium_400 Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA , JULY 26, 2011  –  Following an agreement between the Government of India and the Government of Sri Lanka, RESOLVE Salvage and Fire (Asia) Pte Ltd.(RESOLVE),  a subsidiary of U.S. – based RESOLVE Marine Group, Inc., has commenced the removal of six vessel wrecks that were sunk  in Kankesanthurai Harbour (KKS) between 1994 and 1996 during the LTTE  conflict.  Situated on the northern coast of Sri Lanka, the Harbour was badly damaged in the conflict and has since been closed for commercial activity. The Government of India (GOI) has taken responsibility for rehabilitation of the KKS Harbour.
RESOLVE, a global marine salvage and emergency response company, was awarded the contract for the wreck removal work by Shipping Corporation of India, the administrator of the project on behalf of the GOI.  The six wrecks range in size from 17m to 99.5m and are  either fully or partially submerged, obstructing safe access to, and transit within the harbor.  The operation will require not only the removal of wrecks but use of state-of-the-art, 3-D image scanning equipment which will identify all obstructions within a 500-meter radius of each wreck, thus ensuring removal of wreck debris and  allowing for safe transit.  Two wrecks are outside the Harbour, four are within the Harbour.
RESOLVE has mobilized a team of expert personnel and equipment to cut up the vessels and move the wreckage ashore, where the scrap will be disposed of, clearing the Harbour in preparation for dredging operations and further rehabilitation.  At a ceremony marking the commencement of the job at Kankesanthurai  Harbour on July 26th, RESOLVE Marine Group President Joseph E. Farrell, Jr. said,  “We are honored to be a member of the team and are committed to rapid completion of the first phase wreck removal that will clear the way for development and commercial activity in the Harbour. This initiative is important not only to the people of Sri Lanka, it is important to the RESOLVE team as it presents another opportunity to carry out our corporate philosophy, ‘ To leave the world a better place.’ ”   
RESOLVE Marine Group is a multi-faceted marine services group specializing in marine salvage, firefighting, emergency response, wreck removal and maritime training, and has performed a variety of large scale and complex salvage and wreck removal assignments  around the world. Dedicated to the protection of life, property and the marine environment, RESOLVE provides Marine Salvage, Firefighting, Wreck Removal, Maritime Training and a variety of Marine Services worldwide—including OPA90 Vessel Emergency  Response in the United States. RESOLVE Marine Group, Inc. comprises three subsidiaries:  RESOLVE Salvage & Fire, RESOLVE Marine Services, and RESOLVE Maritime Academy. RESOLVE’s China joint venture, Shanghai RESOLVE- Shengmin OSRO Company (SRSOC), will deliver Class 1 Oil Spill Response, Hazardous Materials Response Management and Cleanup services in China. To learn more about RESOLVE, visit


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