RESOLVE now offers R.O.V. Services

by resolveadm on March 15, 2008

+1 954 764 8700 / + 1 954 257 2868


Resolve Marine is pleased to announce it is moving into the ROV era with our new Video Ray Pro III XE GTO. The acronym ROV stands for Remotely Operated Vehicle and is a valuable tool that can assist divers or even eliminate the necessity for a diver when conducting underwater surveys in a potentially dangerous environment.

Five Resolve employees, Darrell Wallace, Troy Caras, Eric Shelley, Aric Barker and T.J. Hartwick (Pictured), were chosen for the initial operators training course and have since been called to several jobs requiring its use. The course was proctored by Steve Van Meter and has been operating Video Ray ROV’s since they were first introduced 7 years ago. The training included basic operating instruction, deployment exercises and maintenance education.

The unit is based in Resolve’s Ft. Lauderdale facility with the capability to be deployed anywhere at any time. Even though five members were chosen to become designated operators, this unit is easily transported and operated with 1 to 2 people. With the ability to operate from a multitude of power sources, and its compact design, this ROV can go anywhere Resolve will go.

If you wish to inquire about our rates for hiring our ROV (+ Operator) Please call us today! +1 954-764-8700


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