RESOLVE MARINE GROUP Bucks Trend, Foregoes OPA-90 SMFF Retainer

by resolveadm on October 4, 2010

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Fort Lauderdale, FL, October 4, 2010 – RESOLVE Marine Group, the marine salvage and firefighting company, announced today that they will forego charging their OPA-90 clients retainer fees through 2011.  While other salvage and marine firefighting companies have announced  per vessel fees of $250 or $500 per year, RESOLVE guarantees their policy of “no retainer or administrative fees through 2011”.
Captain Farhat Imam, Chief Operating Officer at RESOLVE said, “We expect the OPA-90 response business sector to stabilize before we make any decision regarding 2012 fees.  RESOLVE assures the industry that any retainers the company may charge in 2012 through 2015 will be extremely competitive, and never the highest.” 
The USCG OPA-90 regulations finalized requirements for salvage and marine fighting response (SMFF) on December 31, 2008.  February 22, 2011 is the deadline for most Vessel Response Plans to include a SMFF section with a named and contracted primary responder.  The USCG issued further guidance on this implementation September 27th with NVIC 2-10.  RESOLVE completed a thorough review of NVIC 2-10 and adapted their response posture to better serve any plan holders contracting with RESOLVE.
“RESOLVE is at the forefront of this new regulatory implementation.  We are ensuring that plan holders who cite RESOLVE in their vessel response plans are meeting every letter of the new law.  RESOLVE has already issued a number of Funding Agreements, and we are ramped up to review vessel pre-fire plans through the February 22 deadline.  Some of the first plans being reviewed by the USCG since September 1st have named RESOLVE Marine Group as their primary SMFF responder,” said RESOLVE’s Director of Regulatory Affairs, Matt Hahne.
RESOLVE has resources and equipment depots in all major U.S. ports and COTP zones to meet the USCG’s requirements for SMFF response, under the new OPA-90 regulations.  RESOLVE personnel and equipment are located for rapid deployment to any vessel fire or casualty that could result in an oil spill, anywhere within United States waters.  With its increased capacity, RESOLVE meets all salvage and marine firefighting requirements for Vessel Response Plans (VRP), for full compliance with the newly amended Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA90 ) regulations. 
RESOLVE Marine Group is the industry leading marine salvage and emergency response company offering comprehensive marine firefighting, lightering, and wreck removal services as well as marine emergency response training, worldwide. To learn more, visit


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