Resolve Aviation Provides Blue Heeler Animal Rescue Assistance

by Stacy Payne on June 11, 2021

During a routine maintenance inspection flight from Anchorage, Alaska to Hillsboro, Oregon, Resolve Aviation was made aware of a dog shelter, rescue situation through the Raining Dogs Rescue in Oregon.  Raining Dogs was assisting the rescue of a young “Blue Heeler” named Shadow who was running out of options.  Connecting Raining Dogs to Alaska Heeler Puppies Rescue, Shadow would have no trouble finding a home in Alaska but he needed a lift. Since Resolve’s PC12 would be returning to Anchorage without cargo or passengers, the plane had plenty of room for Shadow.  As arrangements were finalized, the rescue groups asked to include 4 other pups who would find their forever homes, and the passage was planned.

Kirsten from Alaska Heeler Puppies flew to Oregon where she joined Craig Walters from Resolve Aviation to assist in the transit to Anchorage.  With one stop in Sitka for fuel and dog walks, Craig, Kirsten, and the puppies (Shadow, Lucy, Julvia, Max, and Stella) safely arrived in Anchorage where all 5 Blue Heelers have either been adopted or are on their way to their Alaska Homes.  Thanks to the coordination of Raining Dogs Rescue and Alaska Heeler Puppies who traveled and shared costs of boarding and care, Resolve Aviation was able to donate the flight resulting in a fantastic outcome for pets and their new families.  Going the extra mile and caring for the communities we serve is just a part of the Resolve difference.  Learn more about Alaska Heeler Puppies.

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