Double-hulled Tank Barge

by resolveadm on December 11, 2007

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On November 11th, 2005 a double-hulled tank barge struck underwater debris which gouged a 35′ x 6′ hole in the vessel’s starboard bow, puncturing both hulls and damaging the number one cargo tank. The vessel subsequently flooded and was intentionally grounded approximately 30 miles offshore of Cameron, Louisiana in approx. 50-55 feet of water.

The vessel continued to progressively flood and list to starboard. Late on November 14, the barge capsized and rolled to starboard, coming to rest upside-down, with the bow aground and the stern floating. The vessel was carrying approximately 5 million gallons of #6 fuel oil.

Resolve was called upon to provide a detailed salvage plan including all resources as well as the expertise required to lighter the cargo and bring the hull safely afloat and deliver it to safe harbor. This was an extremely challenging project in that the casualty was approximately 30 miles offshore and the work was undertaken in the dead of winter with freezing temperatures, high winds and rough seas. Resolve has built its reputation by taking on this type of unique project and was thus the most qualified emergency salvage contractor to tackle this job.

Resolve provided a highly skilled team of Salvage Masters, Divers and Technicians as well as all services including a heavy weather mooring plan, dive surveys to assess damage and determine a plan for patching and plugging the hull; damage control, systems design and installation, dewatering, selective ballasting, contaminated ballast control, refloating, debris recovery, pollution control and safe towing of the vessel to port while minimizing the risk of any further oil leakage or pollution.

Upon delivery of the vessel to Theodore, Alabama, Resolve was tasked to provide dockside tank cleaning for the inverted vessel.


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